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Are you looking for Kia servicing in Brisbane? Look no further than Wayne Park. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering exceptional care for your Kia, and you can trust us to handle everything from regular maintenance to intricate repairs.

Our Kia Service Inclusions

At Wayne Park, we know that you want your Kia to keep performing to the very best standard. That’s why we offer a range of services and use the latest diagnostic tools and genuine Kia parts to ensure your vehicle continues running smoothly. Here are just a handful of the Kia services we offer.

Engine Oil & Filter Change

Our professional oil change service ensures your engine and filter continue to work to the standard you’d expect from Kia cars.

Car Battery Test

We’ll test your Kia’s battery, inspecting its ability to hold a charge and looking at whether or not you may need a replacement.

Brake Inspection

A thorough inspection of the pads, discs, and fluid levels to identify and prevent any issues, keeping you safe on the road.

Fluid Change

We drain and replace all the essential fluids in your Kia, ensuring you continue to get smooth operation and reducing the risk of any future costly repairs.

Fuel Filter and Injector

Inspecting and cleaning your Kia’s fuel filter and injectors, removing any debris and contaminants in the process and keeping your engine running clean.

Fuel System

Cleaning all parts of your fuel system and inspecting for any issues to ensure everything continues to operate efficiently.

Safety Inspection

Our thorough safety inspection covers all essential systems to ensure you and your passengers are kept safe at all times.

Road Test

A detailed report on your Kia’s performance in real-world driving conditions, after which we can repair any issues we have identified.

Tyre Service

We’ll check tyre pressure, tread, and overall condition to ensure your Kia is offering grip and safety on the road. We’ll also replace tyres where needed.

Check Transmission & Drive Fluid Levels

Topping up or replacing transmission and drive fluid levels to ensure you continue to get smooth gear changes and the best possible driving performance.

Air Conditioning Check

Inspecting, testing, and repairing certain components of your air conditioning system to ensure it continues to run efficiently.

Checks Visible Parts for Leaks & Damage

We’ll look at all visible parts of your Kia for signs of damage or leaking, rectifying any issues we spot before they become bigger problems.

Check Drive Belt for Wear

Our drive belt inspection service includes checking for signs of wear and replacing as needed to ensure you get reliable engine performance.

Check Windshield Wiper & Washer System

We replace any old, worn wipers with new Kia approved ones and top up your washer fluid, ensuring you always have clear visibility.

Kia Repairs We Can Help You With

From small issues to extensive repair work, our range of services is designed to ensure any problems you encounter with your Kia are fixed as soon as possible. Wayne Park offers the following Kia services:

Steering inspection & repair



Brake repairs

Power steering

Wheel alignment

Car engine service

Car air conditioning


Why Choose Wayne Park for Your Kia Servicing?

Kia Expert Mechanics

Your Kia deserves the best, and that’s exactly what Wayne Park delivers. Our dedicated team understands the unique engineering of Kia vehicles and provides comprehensive services to keep them running like new.

Whether you need routine maintenance or more extensive repairs, our technicians use the latest technology and genuine Kia parts to ensure top performance. At Wayne Park, we treat your car as if it’s our own, giving you peace of mind and a smooth ride every time.

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