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Keeping your Mazda in the best possible condition has never been easier, thanks to Wayne Park’s expert service in Brisbane. Our experienced Mazda technicians have undergone extensive training, understand the nuances of Mazda engineering and are dedicated to providing precise, reliable maintenance and repair services.

Our Mazda Service Inclusions

We know that no two Mazda owners are ever the same, and neither are their service requirements. That’s why we provide a huge range of services that are designed to keep your Mazda running smoothly at all times. Here are a few of the things we can do for you:

Engine Oil & Filter Change

Our engine oil and filter change service includes drainage, supply of a new filter, and topping up with premium oil to prevent engine wear.

Car Battery Test

We’ll assess your battery’s life and overall performance, advising whether it’s time for a replacement and ensuring you get instant start-ups every time.

Brake Inspection

A complete inspection of all the elements that make up your Mazda’s braking system, carrying out repairs where necessary and ensuring your brakes are safe and reliable.

Fluid Change

We’ll either top up or replace all of the vital fluids in your Mazda to keep things running smoothly and ensuring your car is kept healthy!

Fuel Filter and Injector

Cleaning and replacing your fuel filter and injectors to prevent clogs and ensure you get the best possible fuel efficiency.

Fuel System

We’ll service and clean your Mazda’s fuel system to help prevent any future issues and ensure you continue to get clean fuel delivery to the engine.

Safety Inspection

From seatbelts to brake lights, we’ll carry out a detailed safety inspection to help reduce the risk of accidents and give you peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Road Test

We’ll take your Mazda out on the road to check for handling, smooth operation, and identify any potential issues that are only apparent in real-world conditions.

Tyre Service

We rotate, balance, and inspect your tyres for the best possible performance and ensure you don’t run into tyre trouble on the road.

Check Transmission & Drive Fluid Levels

We’ll look at current transmission and drive fluid levels, topping up with Mazda approved fluids and helping to prevent costly future repairs.

Air Conditioning Check

Checking for leaks, refrigerant levels, and overall performance so you’re able to beat the heat and drive comfortably.

Checks Visible Parts for Leaks & Damage

A thorough inspection of all visible parts, looking for signs of damage or leakage and fixing any issues that could become bigger problems down the line.

Check Drive Belt for Wear

Our expert drive belt inspection service checks for signs of damage and ensures proper alignment, keeping your engine running smoothly and safely.

Check Windshield Wiper & Washer System

We’ll inspect your current windshield wipers for signs of poor performance and replaces with genuine Mazda parts, as well as topping up your washer fluid for a streak-free windshield.

Mazda Repairs We Can Help You With

Keeping your Mazda in peak condition is super important, and our team have all the skills needed to ensure this across a variety of services. Wayne Park offers the following Mazda services:

Steering inspection & repair



Brake repairs

Power steering

Wheel alignment

Car engine service

Car air conditioning


Why Choose Wayne Park for Your Mazda Servicing?

Mazda Expert Mechanics

At Wayne Park, we know that Mazda owners value performance and reliability, and that’s why our service centre is dedicated to maintaining those high standards.

Our expert technicians are trained to handle all Mazda models with precision, using advanced diagnostic tools and authentic Mazda parts. From regular maintenance to intricate repairs, Wayne Park ensures your Mazda gets the specialised care it needs to stay at its best.

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